TM TORN’s primary training facility is located on 1,100 acres with access to thousands of offroad trails and terrain that mimic the current and anticipated military areas of operations.  The terrain varies from desert sands to forested mountains; elevation ranging from 4,500-8,500 feet.  The facility has a large garage to accommodate all the vehicles and conduct maintenance and mechanical classes.  There is also a classroom for all the technical navigation classes.

TM TORN has recently added a second training location to the south which is used during the winter seasons. This site is loacted at the foot of the mountains and has all the same terrain and qualities of the northern location.

The courses teach terrain analysis and route selection, proper vehicle set-up, correct riding/driving for the terrain, inter-team communications and navigation.  Training will be conducted  in both day and nighttime mobility utilizing white-light and night-vision.  Terrain analysis and route selection is taught using maps, imagery, and various software packages such as  ATAK and/or Base Camp; training the operator to utilize the latest software to develop the most tactically-sound routes to the objective.  Enroute navigation is conducted using GPSs and live-tracking software based on the missions. Training culminates with a long range movement planned during the technical navigation classes.

Operators are encouraged to work out their team TTPs  if needed during the course and long range movements. TM TORN offers various ranges to suit any marksman’s need. The outdoor 110’ x 50’ pistol/carbine flat range is set for optimal training opportunities; the range consists of a 180Degree range fan for a multitude of situational drills. For longer distance, TM TORN utilizes Todd Hodnett’s steel targets spread throughout 1,100 acres for known and unknown distance, scoped rifle (sniper) out to 1,200 yards, and multi-elevation ranges to create realistic marksmanship scenarios.

Safe training is always paramount. TM TORN has trainers certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) as dirt-bike trainer/coaches, by the ATV Safety Institute as trainer/coaches, and the Recreational Off-Highway Association as trainer/coaches. All training starts with the MSF, ASI, or ROHVA curriculum and driver/riders will receive certificates from each of the courses they complete.

The course can be structured to facilitate different training objectives desired by the unit.  Examples include the usage of an airfield less than 10 miles away for insertion and/or extraction of a team, training scenarios setup to locate and recover caches, more emphasis for mechanics and training to locate and repair vehicles in the field, locating and securing personnel for rescue or capture, and longer range movements to/from other facilities.

With TM TORN’s special operations and off-road experience, flexibility, and great training location, we are confident we can fulfill the client’s requirements.