Specialized Vehicle Mobility Training

“The proper use of motorcycles and LTATVs can provide the team a distinct tactical advantage during combat operations”….special operations¬†planning officer


  • Can be inserted via Helo
  • Advance Force Operations
  • Route Reconnaissance / confirmation
  • Insert of Recce / sniper / or security team
  • Airfield seizure and/or setup
  • Quick reaction mobile security force
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Border and/or base security
  • Infil team by least likely approach

Three Specialized Courses to Choose From:

1) Dirt Motorcycle, LTATV, and ATV combined course

This is the recommended course that utilizes three different offroad platforms. It teaches the strengths of each, and shows how this combination provides the greatest tactical advantage.

2) Dirt Motorcycle course

This course emphasizes the tactical advantages of motorcycles and their ability to negotiate terrain that may be un-passable by four wheeled vehicles.

3) LTATV course

This course capitalizes on the abilities of the LTATV to accommodate more personnel and  equipment while maintaining a greater level of security during movements.

General course structure:

Basic vehicle familiarization
  • Vehicle familiarization
  • Vehicle set-up and loading
  • Basic mechanical instruction / field repairs
Basic vehicle operations and capabilities
  • Understand vehicle dynamics
  • Proper rider/driver positions
  • Learn basic vehicle capabilities
  • Terrain negotiation
Route analysis and planning (short and long range routes)
  • Map and terrain association and analysis
  • Use of map books, civilian/military maps and imagery to plan routes
  • Calculate fuel consumption rates and plan fuel resupply points
Technical and non-technical navigation preparation
  • Load planned routes into vehicle ATAK and/or GPS.
  • Use maps and Technical Apps to navigate team to destination
Vehicle operational use with increasingly difficult terrain negotiation
  • Provide lecture and demonstration within route on proper advanced terrain negotiation (sand, rocks, trees, steep inclines/declines, side traverse, etc.)
Day and night all-weather operations
  • Driving at night with lights
  • Driving at night under night vision
Vehicle recovery skills & drills
  • Towing and winching techniques
  • ATV course can be provided upon request.
  • Let us know if you prefer to use your own vehicles for the training.
  • Certified and current Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) DirtBike Coach/Instructor for motorcycle training
  • Certified and current ATV Safety Institute (ASI) Coach/Instructor for ATV training
  • Certified and current Recreational Off Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA) Instructor for LTATV training
**All courses can be modified to accommodate the training needs of the requesting unit.