“Muggs” McCoy is a retired, 24-year veteran of the military.  With 18 years in special operations, Muggs’ professional experience spans a broad range of technical and tactical skills essential for training the nation’s elite forces.


Jimmy Lewis is a world-renown off-road motorcycle racer.  He dominated his field on multiple continents, winning accolades and gaining the attention of major companies in the industry.  During his career, he rode for such motorcycle factories as BMW, KTM, Kawasaki, and Honda.


Shane Watts grew up in a small country town in the state of Victoria, Australia. He progressed through club level racing to several national championships and then spent three years chasing the World Enduro Championship in Europe, which he finally won in 1997.


Gary Presson Gary is a retired, 21-year veteran of the military. He started his career with a 5 year assignment with the 2nd Ranger Battalion and then served the rest of his time in SF assignments.